Offer God Thanksgivings.

Special Senior Apostle Sunny Iwunwa (third from left)

That was exactly what the Elder -in-Charge of Mount of Glory Jabi, Abuja Special Senior Apostle Sunny Iwunwa did on Sunday, July 25, 2021.
 Mount of Glory is a branch of the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim,  located in Jabi Central District of Abuja the Federal Capital Territory.

Iwunwa offered a Special Family Thanksgivings to Almighty God the Creator of Heaven and Earth for sparring his life from accident and death that would have occured following the conspiracy of some of his own staff.

Some of his staff who were disenchanted about Special Senior Apostle Iwunwa’s decision to wind up his Motor maintenance and sale workshop business plotted an  accident but God save His own.

Iwunwa said in his testimony that he took the decision to wind up the business after  several months of loses and borrowing to off set staff salaries.

He said that last week’s Wednesday his personal car that came out from maintenance at the workshop developed fault. He returned the car to the Workshop and asked his staff who are specialists in car maintenance  to replace the car shaft. They did the job and he personally pick up the car.

And he set out for a 60 kilometers journey with his friend. But they noticed after a few minutes drive a terrible sound   from the car but his friend urged him to çontinue with the journey that it is not a major fault.

They returned successfully with the car. On the following day he took the car to another workshop and discovered that the shaft of his car that was fixed by his staff was not tight.

So he decided to ask his staff that did the shoddy job why. To his surprise one of his staff secretly conferred on him that the shaft was actually not tight . The staff further informed him that his colleagues had pleaded with him not to tell any body about the shoddy job.

Iwunwa said that earlier, last two weeks after he informed the staff about  his decision to wind up the business he received messages from two separate churches of accident and death. The message continue coming.

In a sermon during the service, Senior Apostle John Moneke  the Elder-in-Charge of Gwagwalada Abuja branch of ESOCS said it is important to give thanks to God.
Psalm 50: 14, 15. ” Offer unto God thanksgivings and pay your vows unto the Most High.”
” And call upon me in the day of trouble I will deliver thee,and thou shall glorify me”Moneke explained that God will take no bullock out of thy house  nor he goat out of thy field.
He said that what is required of us is  “Praise and Thanksgivings” unto God like David did in the Bible. 2 Samuel 22.
He reminded the congregation that God received thanksgivings of those who are holy and those who abide in His will.
He added that Jesus Christ when he wanted to feed the multitude He gave Thanks and blessed  seven loaf of bread and the multitude fed and there was left over.