Turkey-Africa Summit: 80 African journalists converge on Istanbul

The three-day Turkey-Africa Media Summit got underway on Wednesday in Instabul, Turkey, bringing together 80 African journalists from 45 African countries to deliberate on common challenges confronting their profession and proffer solutions

This is in addition to representatives from Türkey’s official institutions, non-governmental organisations, think tanks and the private sector.

During the deliberations, the participants will hear about Turkey’s perspective on its relations with Africa, recent developments in journalism and global challenges.

Prior to the opening of the summit, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) had signed a news exchange agreement with the Turkish News Agency, Anadolu.

The historic agreement was signed on behalf of NAN by its Managing Director, Mr Buki Ponle, and the Director General/Board Chairman of Anadolu,Serdar Aragoz.

NAN, established in 1976, but began operations in 1978, is Nigeria’s largest content provider with diverse clientele cutting across major national and international media outlets.

With foreign bureaus in New York, Johannesburg and Cote ‘Dvoire as well as 36 state offices and headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, NAN’s bouquet of services include general news service, multimedia products and PR wire.

Anadolu, founded on April 6, 1920, is 102 years.

Founded on April 6, 1920, Anadolu is a state-run agency with headquarters in Ankara, Turkey.

NAN reports that more than 6,000 media outlets use Anadolu Agency’s photographs, videos and news in the world.(NAN)