Preach peaceful coexistence, ex-Niger gov urges Muslim clerics

Former Niger State Governor, Muazu Aliyu, has called on Islamic clerics to focus on preaching peace and unity rather than focusing on heaven and hell.

Aliyu who made this statement after the Eid prayers at the Minna central mosque on Saturday said Islam goes beyond going to heaven and hell.

“I hope that our malams too will preach about the way we live as a community not talking about paradise and fire and co all the time

“Tell us how to live in peace in our communities and that will lead us to the right place” he said.

The former governor also said that the relationship between humans is an important part of Islam which should emphasized by clerics.

“The relationship between man and man is very very important in and if you look at all the activities, they all revolve around that”.

He also stated that the significance of the Eid el Kabir celebration is to show the sacrifice made by the prophet which is to be imbibed by all Muslims that will help the people live in peace.

“This celebration shows the sacrifice made by prophet ibrahim and we are meant to imbibe that sacrifice at any given time for the sake of Allah that will help the community and everyone to live in peace that is the essence of all that we are doing”.