Nigeria remains world’s 34th, Africa’s 5th in FIFA world ranking

Nigeria is still with the 1,492 points it had in the last ranking, in spite of beating Liberia 2-0 and Cape Verde 2-1 in the qualifying matches.

The points also kept them as the fifth-placed team in Africa behind Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco respectively.

On the global scene, with 177 international matches played in the month under review, there were changes to the top positions in the ranking.

There were no fewer than 152 FIFA World Cup qualifying games as well as 25 friendlies played across the globe in the first half of September.

While Belgium (ranked first) and Brazil (second) continue to lead the way, there is a new face on the podium.

Following mixed results in Qatar 2022 qualifying this month (two draws and a win), France dropped one step to fourth.

It allowed England to take their place courtesy of two wins and a draw, some nine years after they were last there.

With three victories in as many games, Denmark (now 10th, one step up) broke into the Top 10.

Portugal (7th, one step up) and Spain (8th, one step down) swapped positions.

The most notable climbs among the Top 50 came from Iran (22nd, +4), Russia (37th, +4), Norway (39th, +4), Scotland (45th, +4) and Northern Ireland (47th, +4).

However, it is below 50th place that we see the best progressions in this edition.

These are those of Libya (110th, +12), Canada (51st, +8), Liberia (144th, +6), Malta (171st, +6), Panama (68th, +6), Bulgaria (70th, +5) and Saudi Arabia (56th, +5).

Special mention has to go to Kosovo (109th, +6) who, having beaten Georgia (1-0) and held Greece (1-1), climbed to 109th place and an all-time high.