Live responsibly in your youth to avoid repercussions – Nollywood actor

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo, has advised Nigerian youths between ages  25 to 45, to live responsibly to avoid repercussions in later life.

Kanayo gave the advice on Friday in a video he posted on his official Instagram page @kanayookanayo.

The actor said that longevity based on linage did not apply to  every aged person.

He noted that some old people were kept by God to serve as punishment for the crime they committed when they were young.

Kanayo said, “A line of thought have been crossing my mind and I need to share it.

“Longevity is not old age and when you see old men walking around you, do not think it is longevity,  but God is punishing them for what they did to humanity and people’s wives.

“It is just like a civil servant who never believed that  there is life after office.

“They played God and He is dealing with them, so do not mistake old age for longevity,” Kanayo said.

He, therefore, advised youths to be cautious of their various actions as they would  pay dearly for it in their later life.