Air strikes killed 120 bandits in Sububu forest

At least 120 armed bandits were killed in multiple airstrikes by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter jets deployed to Sububu Forest in Zamfara State on Monday.

The airstrikes were carried out on Monday, after some locals alerted security personnel on the arrival and movements of a large number of bandits within Sububu axis. 

Persons knowledgeable about the strike said that a reconnaissance aircraft was deployed for spotting, collection of imagery and observation of the bandits, before precision airstrikes were carried out on the targets. 

“Following an intelligence, on 12 July 2021, that groups of bandits were amassing around SUBUBU, JAJANI and DAMMAKA, a reconnaissance aircraft was dispatched to recce the area for confirmation before carrying out the air strikes. 
“Accordingly, the A-Jet conducted air recce over the said locations and observed several bandits arriving in droves and taking cover over large trees at the southwestern part of SUBUBU settlement. 
These targets were subsequently engaged and hit. “The few surviving bandits were seen fleeing the area. It is estimated that over 125 bandits were neutralized in the attack based on the information we received from our sources around the area,” he said. When contacted, NAF spokesperson, Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, confirmed the multiple airstrikes on the hideouts of the bandits, and the destruction of their motorcycles.
 He, however, did not give further details on the human casualties recorded. Commodore Gabkwet only specified that the military carried out “the precision airstrikes on the armed bandits after an intelligence and identification of the locations to avoid collateral damages.”
 Nigerian troops under Operation Hadarin Daji, comprising operatives of the Nigerian military, security and intelligences services are jointly involved in fight against bandits in North-West. 

NAF Fighter Pilot Prepares for Action NAF Fighter Jets Eliminate 120 Zamfara Bandits in Airstrikes at Sububu Forest