Woman commits su#cide by inhaling charcoal smoke

A Kenyan woman identified as Rose Osore has reportedly taken her own life by inhaling toxic fumes from charcoal burning on her stove.

The 48-year-old woman reportedly locked herself in her house after sending an SMS to her friend Catherine Nyawira, telling her that she was tired of living with High Blood Pressure (HBP).

A police report read;

“Catherine reported that she received a su#cidal message from the deceased, Rose Osore. The message was indicating that she was tired of the sickness of blood pressure which had made her a beggar hence she was ready to go to hell.”

Osoro sent the SMS at 4:00 am and her friend came to her house by 7:30 am to check up on her.

Catherine found the house locked from inside and called on Osoro but got no response. The neighbours she called on, broke the door and found Osoro unconscious with the charcoal stove on her bed.

They rushed her to a nearby hospital but the doctors confirmed she was dead from suffocation as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide.