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Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales resigns over Jenni Hermoso’s kiss



Luis Rubiales

Luis Rubiales has finally resigned as president of the Spanish Football Federation following criticism for kissing Spain forward Jenni Hermoso at the presentation ceremony of the Women’s World Cup.

Hermoso, 33, said the kiss after Spain beat England was not consensual and
She filed a legal complaint last Tuesday.

Rubiales released a statement saying he had submitted his resignation to federation acting president Pedro Rocha.

“I cannot continue my work,” Rubiales said on ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’.
The 46-year-old has also resigned from his position as vice-president of Uefa’s
executive committee.

On Friday, a prosecutor also filed a complaint with Spain’s high court against Rubiales for sexual assault and coercion.

Rubiales claimed the kiss was “mutual and “consensual” but had been provisionally suspended by football’s
world governing body Fifa.

Hermoso’s legal complaint means he could face criminal charges.

“After the quick suspension carried out by Fifa, plus the rest of open proceedings against me, it is evident that I will not be able to return to my position,” Rubiales’ statement read.

“Insisting on waiting and holding on is not going to contribute to anything positive, neither to the federation nor to Spanish football.”

The kiss that shook Spanish & global football Rubiales said he hoped his departure would boost Spain’s joint bid with Morocco and Portugal to host the
2030 World Cup.

He added: “I have faith in the truth and I will do everything in my power to prevail.
“My daughters, my family and the people who love me have suffered the effects
of excessive persecution, as well as many falsehoods, but it is also true that on the street, more and more every
day, the truth is prevailing.”

Some 81 Spain players, including all 23 World Cup winners, said they would not
play for the national team again while Rubiales was in charge.

Asked by Morgan whether something in particular finally led him to resign, Rubiales said he spoke to his family and listened to the advice of friends.”My father, my daughters, I spoke with them – they know it’s not a question about me – and some friends very close to me said to me ‘Luis, you need to focus on
your dignity and to continue your life because if not, you are going to damage people you love and the sport you
love’,” Rubiales said.

Rubiales awaits high court decision
Hermoso’s complaint was one of sexual assault but prosecutor Marta Durantez Gil has also added an allegation of coercion when filing to the high court. It is now up to the court to present formal charges against Rubiales.

Prior to the kiss, Rubiales had been seen grabbing his crotch while celebrating
Spain’s 1-0 win over England in Sydney.
A high court judge will now assess the complaint and decide whether to accept or archive the request.

If accepted, a magistrate will be assigned to lead an investigation, which will conclude either with a recommendation for the case to go to trial or be dismissed.
The charge of sexual assault under Spanish law can carry a punishment ranging from a fine to four years in prison.


JUST IN: Osimhen arrives team hotel, snubs teammates



Victor Osimhen

A video has emerged showing Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen shaking hands with team manager Santoro, while snubbing teammates, Piotr Zieliński and Diego Demme as he arrived at Napoli’s team hotel ahead of the Udinese game.

The video posted by sports journalist Fabrizio Romano on Wednesday afternoon has the caption, “Victor Osimhen arriving @ Napoli’s team hotel ahead of Udinese game after the public statement considering legal action against the club. Not greeting Demme and Zielinski but shaking hands with team manager Santoro.”

This development comes after Osimhen in the early hours of Wednesday morning deleted Napoli-related posts on his Instagram page after a contentious ‘mockery’ video was posted by Napoli’s verified TikTok handle on Tuesday.

As observed by Sleeknews on Wednesday morning, Osimhen’s Instagram page was left with one post in which he wore a Napoli jersey, while other posts have been deleted.

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My son’s criticisms have gone ‘beyond football’ – Maguire’s mother




Harry Maguire‘s mother, Zoe Maguire, has come in the defence of England and Manchester United defender after he was criticized for his performance in a friendly match between England and Scotland.

The Three Lions defeated Scotland in Glasgow, by 3-1 on Tuesday night, courtesy of goals from Phil Foden, Jude Bellingham, and Harry Kane. 

The 30-year-old defender, who came off the bench as a substitute after the first half, put the ball in the back of his team’s net in the 67th minute.

An 81st-minute winner was struck by Kane after a brilliant effort by Real Madrid’s midfielder, Bellingham.

Following the own goal, the under-fire defender was on the receiving end of a number of criticisms, from both fans in the stadium.

In a post on her Instagram story, Zoe Maguire fired back at ‘negative and abusive comments’ aimed at her son.

She wrote, “As a mum seeing the level of negative and abusive comments which my son is receiving from some fans, pundits, and the media is disgraceful and totally unacceptable to any walk of life never mind someone who works his socks off for club and country.

“I was there in the stand as usual, it’s not acceptable what’s been created, over nothing. I understand that in the football world, there are ups and downs, positives and negatives but what Harry receives has gone far beyond ‘football.’

“For me seeing him go through what he’s going through is not ok. I would hate to have to see any other parents or players go through this in the future, especially the young boys and girls breaking through the ranks today.

‘Harry has a massive heart and it’s a good job he’s mentally strong and can handle it as others may not be able to. I wish this sort of abuse on nobody!”

Maguire has been faced with lots of criticism and backlash following his poor outings for both club and country.

England manager, Gareth Southgate, has spoken out against the abusive comments.

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Former Spanish FA President Rubiales to appear in court on Friday over Jenni kiss



Luis Rubiales

Former Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales will appear in a Madrid court on Friday over his kiss of Spain forward Jenni Hermoso.

Hermoso filed a legal complaint last week over Rubiales kissing her on the lips following her country’s Women’s World Cup final win on 20 August.
Rubiales has been summoned by a high court judge to respond to accusations of
sexual assault and coercion.
He will appear before a magistrate at 12:00 local time (11:00 BST).
Hermoso, 33, said the kiss was not consensual, while Rubiales has claimed it was “mutual” and “consensual”and again defended his actions in an interview with Piers Morgan, which was aired on Tuesday on Talk TV.

Rubiales quit as Spanish FA president on Sunday as a result of the controversy, and has also resigned from his position as vice-president of Uefa’s executive committee.
Hermoso’s complaint was one of sexual assault but last week prosecutor Marta
Durantez Gil added an allegation of coercion after the forward revealed that some of her relatives had been pressured by Rubiales and his
“professional entourage” to say she “justified and approved what happened”.
On Monday, Judge Francisco de Jorge of the National Court accepted the complaint and assigned a magistrate to
investigate the case.

After completing an investigation, the magistrate will then either make a recommendation for the case to go trial or dismissed

Jorge also requested video footage of the incident from Spain’s public broadcaster RTVE, plus videos of
the team’ s celebrations published online by Spanish newspapers El Pais, AS and La Vanguardia, be submitted as
The fallout from the kiss has engulfed Spanish football in recent weeks and overshadowed Spain’s World Cup win,
with Rubiales ignoring repeated calls to resign before eventually quitting on Sunday.

The charge of sexual assault can carry a punishment ranging from a fine to
four years in prison under Spanish law.
“I have faith in the truth and I will do everything in my power so that it prevails,”Rubiales wrote in an open letter on Sunday.
Pachuca player Hermoso released a long statement on social media on 25
August saying the kiss was not
“I feel the need to report this incident because I believe no person, in any work, sports or social setting should be a
victim of these types of nonconsensual behaviours. I felt vulnerable and a victim of an impulsive-driven, sexist, out of-place act, without any consent on my part,” she continue.

Quite simply, I was not respected.” Rubiales defends himself in Morgan
interview .
Some 81 Spain players, including all 23 World Cup winners, said they would not
play for the national team again while Rubiales was in his position.
World Cup-winning manager Jorge Vilda
considered a close ally of Rubiales – was sacked on 5 September, with Montse
Tome named as his successor.

Rubiales has previously apologised for the kiss but said there was “no harm, no
sexual content, no aggression, nothing like that”.

However, he refused to directly apologise to Hermoso when asked if he would do so by Morgan.
“What happened is bad for everyone,”
said Rubiales
“We had Jenni lifting me. We had the fleeting kiss, two tenths of a second, but
what was created from that is
“So what’s left for me is to defend my dignity. So it’s not about that [the apology] Piers, it’s about humility.”
Asked again if he wished to apologise, Rubiales continued: “So what we had is a spontaneous act, a mutual act, an act that both consented to, which was driven by the emotion of the moment, the
happiness, so I maintain that
that is the truth of what happened.

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