Bello Shagari

 Shagari’s Grandson, Rocks Igbo Attire, Says Youths Should Fight Against Tribalism (Photos)

Bello Shagari, a Nigerian man who happens to be the grandson of Shehu Shagari, a former Nigerian President has admonished the youths.

The young man made the comments while wearing the traditional Igbo attire, Isi-Agu to mark International Youth Day 

He wrote: YOUTHS, WE SHOULD FIGHT WITH Tribalism! On this International Youth Day, whose title is “World Unity”, I would like to call on youths to fight against tribalism,” he wrote. 

“Especially in Nigeria, tribalism has become a nightmare among us. And that’s because we choose to inherit the hatred of mothers and grandparents, which by doing so, has no benefit in our lives.

“In every tribe there is a good person and a bad person, there are good people and there are bad people. But the spoilers of our town have influenced the representation of our character.

“So, it’s good to understand each other so that we can have peace and good communication. Ethnicism has no origin or place to live in any religion. It’s just a wicked character like human being which is the origin of the devil

“And it is not an evidence that just because a person from a tribe tribalism against you, you should also take your character and return it to him. It’s like stealing from you, you will attend to it yourself. Be yourself a role model, not a spoiler. Loving your tribe and culture doesn’t make you hate others.”