Senator Diket Plang Shows Support for Constituents through Agriculture and Infrastructure Development

Senator Diket Plang, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Employment and Productivity, has made strides in fulfilling his promises to empower his constituents. 

During a recent press conference at his residence in Jos, Plang revealed his latest initiative, procuring 600 bags of maize, 300 bags of guinea corn, and 150 bags of beans directly from farmers in Plateau Central. 

Plang stressed the significance of supporting agriculture, stating, “I want to purchase the produce from local farmers and distribute it to my constituents to promote farming and boost economic growth in our community.”

In addition to his agricultural support, Senator Plang also discussed his focus on infrastructural development, particularly in the education sector. 

He mentioned ongoing projects such as the perimeter fencing of schools in his constituency to enhance security and safety for students.

“We have already started securing our schools with perimeter fencing to ensure the safety of pupils and students,” Plang affirmed.

Grateful for the opportunities to advocate for his constituents while in the Senate, Plang discussed his push for the establishment of the Nigerian University of Mines and Geosciences. 

He emphasized the economic and developmental advantages of the proposed bill, believing it will deepen Nigeria’s expertise in geology and mineral resources. 

Recognizing the challenges faced by his constituents, particularly regarding food insecurity, Senator Plang reassured the public of his commitment to providing assistance

Highlighting the importance of community involvement in decision-making, Plang encouraged stakeholders to contribute ideas for developmental projects. He stressed transparency and fair resource distribution to ensure that all citizens benefit from his initiatives.