Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh
Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh

Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria prescribes two-state Solution as he urges Isreali to cease attack on Gaza

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh has condemned Israeli’s constant attack on Gaza, stating that the two-state solution is an essential part of the birth certificate of the Siamese twins called the State of Palestine and the State of Israel, as outlined in the 181 UNGA resolution November 29, 1947.

Shawesh who made the call during a press briefing on Wednesday, lamented over the fascist society Israeli has turned into. Adding that the continuous bombing from the Israeli army, killing innocent women and children in the wake of the war is uncalled for. 

The statement reads: 

“The two-state solution is an essential part of the birth certificate of the Siamese twins called the State of Palestine and the State of Israel, as outlined in the 181 UNGA resolution November 29, 1947.

“Theorizing about the two-state solution is not just about spouting empty words without practical steps to embody the State of Palestine on the ground.

The two-state solution means dismantling all the illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank, including Occupied East Jerusalem.

“Israel has deteriorated into a fascist society.

“57.5% of Israeli Jews said that they believed the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were using too little firepower in Gaza, 36.6% said the IDF was using an appropriate amount of firepower”

On the 125th day of the massacre, genocide, revenge war, Israeli military aggression, or any other name, but not Hamas’s Israeli war, unless you want to follow Western-Israeli propaganda, have accepted the brainwashing process and/or are fully complicit; the numbers coming from Occupied Palestinian Territories are totally horrific and as follows: –

On Gaza Strip

27,487 are officially registered as martyrs, with more than 66,835 wounded and 8,000 still missing under the rubble. 7,000 of the wounded are in desperate need of intensive medical treatment outside the Gaza Strip. More than 1,650,000 people have been displaced in Rafah, which means that the area is now home to majority of Gaza’s population, making it the densest place in the world.

Due to the Palestinian Minister of Health: 340 medical personnel were martyred and 963 others were injured in Gaza and the West Bank during the year.

“According to the Palestinian Ministry of Education, 4895 students were killed, and 400 schools were subjected to vandalism and destruction during the last four months.

In the Occupied West Bank 

“Shocking spike in use of unlawful lethal force by Israeli forces against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank” was the tittle of Amnesty International report published on Feb 5

“Under the cover of the relentless bombardment and atrocity crimes in Gaza, Israeli forces have unleashed unlawful lethal force against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank……Israeliforces used unlawful lethal force…which resulted in the unlawful killing of 20 Palestinians, including seven children……At least 507 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank in 2023, including at least 81 children, making it the deadliest year for Palestinians since the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) began recording casualties in 2005….. Israeli authorities, including the Israeli judicial system, have proven shamefully unwilling to ensure justice for Palestinian victims”

During the last January the Israeli Occupation Force IOFdetained 1236 Palestinian, 30 women, 73 children and 650 administrative detentions. Since Oct 7 the detainees toll reach 6870, 215 women, 430 children and 52 journalists. Hundreds of the Gazans detainee’s fate still unknown.

In its provisional measures number 4, the ICJ stated, “The State of Israel shall take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance to address the adverse conditions of life faced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.” By suspending financial assistance to the UNRWA, the donor countries are, by default, completing the Israeli genocidal mission that the court prohibited.

After four months of the textbook genocide conducted by Israel, supported politically and militarily by many Western countries, and after zero accomplishment of this frenzied war’s declared goals, those countries have become assured that this war is just to save the political skin of the Prime Minister and his coalition. After nearly 28 thousand Palestinians have been slaughtered and another six thousand are still missing under the rubble, not to mention the mass destruction and leveling of Gaza, some Western countries have started to wake up and review some of their completely biased positions and complicity in the current war. 

The UK foreign minister, the successor of the 1917 one Arthur Balfour, the issuer of the ominous declaration in his name, used very ambiguous words on the two-state solution, while the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken asked his department officials to conduct a review and present political options regarding possible US and international recognition of a Palestinian state after the war in Gaza.

In his Op-Ed, Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrote, “Defending Israel is essential. So is aiding civilians in Gaza.”There are two points here, as he is treating Israel from a political and military perspective, while treating the civilians (he did not call them Palestinian) from a purely humanitarian perspective. At the same time, his government suspended financial assistance to the civilians he wants to aid.

“The terminology used in politics has specific meanings, and there is no room for naivety or assuming good faith. Mr. Blinken used different terminology to describe the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian question, saying that the best way to “resolve the differences between Israelis and Palestinians” remains a two-state solution.

While Mr. Blinken talks about the two-state solution, the USA still labels the Palestinian Liberation Organization as a terrorist organization. Recently, the US House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday, January 30 to expand the ban on entry into the US for officials of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). It should be taken into consideration that the late Yasser Arafat, the chairman of the PLO, signed the Oslo Accord at the White House, and the PLO had an office from that time until 2018 when Mr. Trump closed it. The questions are, if the PLO is a terrorist organization and its members are banned from entering the USA, how can you consider yourself as the master moderator of the peace process? It is quite puzzling and confusing how you will negotiate and coordinate the peace agreement with what you call them terrorists? Where will these negotiations take place if they will not be able to land at any US airports?

On these days, my government has many priorities, two of which are stopping the Israeli brutal military aggressions and securing the delivery of appropriate humanitarian aid to the Gazans.

“The Israeli man made financial crisis, by refusing to transfer our clearance funds for the third month in a row, has deeply affected our ability to pay the monthly salaries and the government daily running costs. This has set back all macroeconomic measurements and microeconomic activities, pushing more Palestinian families below the poverty line and causing the unemployment rate to skyrocket.

“In this regard, I would like to quote my prime minister, Dr. Mohamed Shetiah: “We cannot accept conditions on our money. We will remain committed to the prisoners and martyrs and to our people in the Gaza Strip, not out of favor, but by virtue of our national, religious, and moral responsibility.”

“The USA and other countries are discussing the aftermath of the war, and Israel has taken a firm stance refusing the Palestinian Authority PNA to rule Gaza. In this particular issue, I would like to stress that Gaza is an essential part of the occupied Palestinian territories, and we never left the Gaza Strip. Today, the PNA in the Gaza Strip has 50,000 employees, including security personnel who stopped working, doctors, teachers, and other state employees who work, in addition to the administration. We are responsible for managing various aspects of daily life in the Gaza Strip, such as water and electricity. 35% of the government budget is allocated to the Gaza Strip, even though there are no revenues from it.”. 

“There will not be a state in Gaza, and there will not be a state without Gaza.

“OCHA spokesperson Jens Laerke expressed deep concerns, stating that nowhere in Gaza is safe amid reports of Israeli shelling on the periphery of Rafah. He mentioned that most of the new arrivals were “living in makeshift structures, tents or out in the open. Rafah is now a pressure cooker of despair, and we fear for what happens next.” To date, 100,000 people in Gaza “are either dead, injured or missing and presumed dead”

“By accepting that death is normal in the lives of Palestinians, you are paving the way to ensure that there are two levels of human beings. Beware, many were victims of this superiority in the past, and millions in the south will be victims of this policy in the future – humanity is indivisible”.