Obi Cubana counsels youths on respect for elders

Business mogul, Mr Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana has urged Nigeria youths to show respect to elders as part of Africa culture.

Iyiegbu made the call in a post made on his verified Instagram page on Monday.

He said he was saddened at how rude and impolite some of the youths are toward the elders in the society.

According to him, respect for elders and parents has been an important tradition in Africa and some parts of the world and also one of the greatest expressions of love.

He wrote: “Call me old school, but I was raised in a generation where respect for elders is of utmost importance.

“The things we see and hear today do not depict respect for elders. Social media especially, has made everyone to be equal and the need to respect elders has flown out of the window.

“Our respect for the elderly is a reflection of our reverence for God,” he said.

The entrepreneur noted that respect for the elders is a way of showing that the people value and learn from their lifetime filled with experience and wisdom.

“We should show them that they are appreciated and we must take care of our elders when they need us the most, just like how they taught us.

“We must not miss to teach our children this, it will help them deal better with their own aging later in life, if they grow up respecting the wisdom and life experiences of elders in the community.

“Teach them to use the phrase sir or ma; thank you and please,” Iyiegbu advised.

He also said it was important to visit the elderly frequently, including buying them gifts, spending quality time with them and learning from their pool of wisdom.

He stressed the need to raise a generation where respect for the elderly is the key, saying “when we respect elders, the world will respect us’’.

He added: “If your parents cared for you, please care for them, even if they did not care for you but you have the opportunity to do so’’. (NAN)