Nigerians In All States Have Accepted Peter Obi LP – Ozigbo Declares

Valentine Ozigbo, the Nigerian business mogul, has said Peter Obi is now nationally accepted.

He said Obi and his Labour Party (LP) have gained acceptance in all states in Nigeria.

Ozigbo made the comment in a statement on Sunday on the 31st anniversary of the creation of Anambra.

He encouraged people of the state to play their part in the new wave of political awakening sweeping through the country.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in 2021 expressed hope that the 2023 election would spark a revolution in Anambra’s political landscape.

Noting that the state has made “unsteady progress”, Ozigbo urged citizens to prioritise the character and competence of leaders and the processes through which they emerge.

He believes Anambra is not suffering because of a shortage of qualified individuals in politics but because leading parties and the processes corrupt or discourage those who can achieve positive change.

‘While we will always ask for better leadership, Ndi Anambra can beat their chests and say they have been dealt a better hand compared to other states.

“We have had several leaders who have left their marks and played their part in shaping the state.

“Fortunately, one of the most impactful leaders in our history (Obi) is vying to become Nigeria’s president and replicate the unique leadership that has won him global acclaim.”

He added that 2023 signifies a point Nigerians must get it right at all levels.

Ozigbo and his Ka Anambra Chawapu political movement were formally received into the LP last Tuesday by Obi and the party’s national leadership.