Peter Obi

Nigeria needs just one disruptive thinker – Peter Obi

Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, has urged Diaspora Nigerians to play their roles in holding the Nigerian government accountable.

He said aside from the constitutional rights of voting, the people’s sacred role is also to hold elected government accountable for ensuring desired development.

The former Anambra State governor in a series of tweets on his verified Twitter handle on Tuesday, also said Nigeria needs visionary leadership and disruptive thinker to get it right.

He said, “It can only take one visionary leadership and disruptive thinker for Nigeria to be put back on the right trajectory. Our vision and mission is to give full expression to our democracy by moving our country from consumption to production.-PO.”

He also urged Nigerians in overseas to exploit their network and numbers in demanding better government in their home country.

He said, “You have the network and numbers to be able to negotiate the priorities of the government, especially during the election period as the one we are embarking on soon.

“You should be able to place pressing issues on the agenda of the candidates and subsequently, on the front burners for the new government that will be formed.-PO.”

The LP presidential candidate added, “Besides voting, a citizen’s most coveted role is holding an elected government accountable. With your education, exposure and understanding of government responsibilities in your host country, and collective leverage, it is your duty to help hold your state and national government accountable back home.”

Obi explained that when elected, his administration will entrench good governance, promote rule of law and aggressively tackle insecurity.

“We will pursue intangible assets of good governance, rule of law, security of lives and properties, through an aggressive increase in personnel and equipment and inclusive training of operatives in our security agencies.

“We will emphasize patriotism, national interest, and national morale, quality of government, political will and character, which are all complimentary to the other assets. We will ensure that we have these assets in place and stress asset optimization. -PO”

The presidential candidate added, “In the New Nigeria we seek, we must think out of the box and at times, disruptively. As government and as Nigerians in Diaspora, we must henceforth contemplate those global best practices that will confer comparative advantage on us, and replicate known successes that can move Nigeria from consumption to production.-PO

“No country thrives economically merely by exporting its raw materials and importing virtually everything. Such a disposition weakens our economic base and employment capabilities.-PO

“Nigeria can no longer afford to remain a consuming economy. While meeting local demands, she must transition into trading with manufactured and finished goods, and playing in the technology in the export market.- PO”