Nigeria does not need parochial, provincial leader in 2023,Says Tambuwal *As former NBA President calls on Buhari to prioritize security

The Governor of Sokoto State, Rt. Honourable Aminu Tambuwal on Monday in Abuja, called on Nigerians to search and vote for politicians that are versatile, with “friends and associates across the length and breadth of the country”, in 2023 general election.

He said that electorates must do the needful if the country must surmount its current security and economic challenges.

Tambuwal stated that the security situation today  in virtually all parts of Nigeria  poses a great challenge to policy makers, laid the blame on the absence of quality leadership.

Governor Tambuwal stated this in a Keynote Address delivered at the Rule of Law Development Foundation’s 4th Annual Criminal Law Review Conference.

He lamented that insecurity in Nigeria has worsened the living conditions of the people, threatening food insecurity, while social interaction has become difficult due to reduction in movement because of the fear of criminal elements.
 The governor said to reverse the trend, “Nigeria needs a leader that is versatile. One that has friends and associates across the length and breadth of this country.

“A leader with a broad world view and not a parochial and provincial politician. We need an incorruptible leader who understands that the best way to fight corruption is by personal examples and also by the building of strong institutions that can withstand shocks and manipulations.

“Nigeria needs a leader in tune with the times, who is reasonably aware of the modern demands of technology in solving societal problems.

“Yes, Nigeria needs a bridge builder. A compassionate leader, sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the poor and needy. A leader whose words count and can be counted on. Indeed, a leader with courage. An accountable leader who can be trusted to face the challenges of nationhood squarely without sentiments or pandering to interests that are inconsistent with national goals. A visionary leadership imbued with a sense of patriotism will go a long way in changing the narrative of insecurity in Nigeria. A leadership that is nationalistic and not tribalistic. A leadership that promotes national unity not disunity.

“A leader required by Nigeria is one that will regard Nigeria as his constituency, not his State, tribe, religion or region. A leadership that inspires the nation to achieve greatness. A leadership that galvanises, mobilises and directs Nigerians on the path to sustainable peace, progress and development. Such a leader will not regard any part of the country as conquered people”.

While he stated that finding such a leader is a task for all, he challenged Nigerians, “to find and support such a leader in 2023 so that Nigeria can begin the long walk back to peace, security and prosperity for all her citizens”.

Meanwhile, Coordinator, Rule of Law Development Foundation, Mr. Joseph Daudu (SAN), called on President Muhammadu Buhari to make the safety and security of all Nigerians a matter of immediate priority, stating that all kidnapped children, including those who have been held for as long as seven years should be rescued by the military.

While he also challenged the military to do more in bringing the insecurity situation under control to reflect the greatness of Nigeria as ‘Giant of Africa’, the senior lawyer and former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), advised those who have access to the perpetrators of violence in the country to prevail on them to rethink their actions.

“Their friends should tell them that this nonsensical mayhem will not continue forever. It will soon be brought to an abrupt end by the creator of all mankind and everyone who is involved one way or the other in this perdition will…face the punishment.”