National Rescue Movement hails promoters of Rescue Nigeria Project

The leadership of the National Rescue Movement (NRM), appreciates the concern of the promoters of Rescue Nigeria Project (RNP), over the state of the nation, which motivated them to form the group as a precursor to taking political steps to change the nation’s ship of leadership in 2023 to RESCUE Nigeria and its people. 

A statement signed by  NRM’s National Publicity Secretary Prince Chinedu Obi, said the party commends RNP and appreciates their courage. “However, the NRM wishes to draw the attention of the RNP Leaders to the existence of NRM, one of the 18 political parties that survived INEC de-registration exercise in 2020.

“The NRM also appeals to all well-meaning Nigerians to join the rescue forces for a better Nigeria. The Rescue Movement to save our country started in 2016 with the NRM drafting the best Party constitution, the best people oriented Party manifesto and the best Party ideology.

“The NRM therefore urges all Nigerians, especially members of the RNF to visit the NRM website ( for the Party’s structure, policy and ideology.

“The NRM believes that Nigeria though diverse in several ways and bedeviled with cancerous socio economic and political challenges can be rescued.  

“But, the task is for all patriotic Nigerians, especially women and youth. The need to RESCUE the nation has become inevitable. To mention the PDP and APC failure is a gross understatement, hence, the need to rally around a third force has no alternative. And this is the opportunity provided by the NRM.

“We have talked so much of the great opportunities and potentials inherent in Nigeria, yet successive leaderships have failed to live up to the dreams of our founding fathers as well as the hopes of successive generations of our citizens.
 “The time to fix Nigeria is NOW! And since the RNP shares the vision of the NRM, we invite the Rescue Nigeria Project promoters to visit our political party .”