Music, entertainment industry can contribute to Nigeria economy’s growth- Zore Lebarty

An American-based Nigerian artiste, Zore Lebarty, also daughter of Felix Lebarty, says music and entertainment industry can contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s economy in many ways.

Lebarty, originally born Omozore Lebarty, also said that her father’s music legacies inspired her to do timeless musics.

She spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in a telephone interview on Friday in Lagos.

Lebarty said: “Music and entertainment in general can contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s economy in so many ways.

“Once I become successful in music, then I will be able to help so many people around me by creating jobs for them and contributing to the growth of economy of the country.

“However, on helping Nigerians, I believe entertainers need to come together, put money together and be able to help out as much as we can.”

She also highlighted some of the drawbacks posed as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

“I would say the pandemic affected the industry negatively, because lots of people lost money from many cancelled shows.

“This affected my music big time, because 2020 was the year I was expected to blow.

“I had plans, I was able to travel to Nigeria back and forth twice in 2020; I did a lot of shows in Lagos, and Benin city and I did a big show in Miami and Las Vegas.

“The only thing I had was social media, so I tried my best to push my social media as far as I could.

“However,  other chains of businesses in showbiz and entertainment were unveiled,” she said.

Lebarty said she currently has five singles out already on major streaming channels, adding that she was currently working on a new single tittles “African Queen’s”.

She said that acceptance of “Ifeoma I want to Marry You” a track in her music by her father till today, increased her popularity since she started professional music five years ago.

Lebarty told NAN that she had worked behind the cameras and doing promotions for many years in the U.S. during the shows of Nigerian artistes like Wizkid, Davido and many others.

She said that the relocation of her father back to the U.S about five years ago, pushed her to further take to music career.

The artiste revealed that she started off in the choir as a kid in New Jersey and a multi-instrument player, including the Clarinet instrument.

“I started music as a hobby because I never had the confidence to perform in front of people or record my own music.

“Before now, I used to be behind the scenes, though I love music so much and I am an artist myself.

“I used to be part of shows, like when Wizkid came to New York, my team was part of that show.

“Also, Davido, Olamide and I worked as promoters of other artistes when they come into our states to perform.

“So, my dad relocated back to America permanently about six years ago; since he has been here, he has been encouraging me to take a step further in music, and his personality has classified me as a show girl,” she said.

Lebarty, also known as “Baby Mo Crooner”, said that her kind of music, Afrobeat, was born out of her love for the African sounds, saying this appeals to her more.

She said: “I will describe my genre of music as afrobeat. Though, I live in America, my favourite music is Nigerian music. I am a big fan of everything Africa.

“So, even if am rapping, you will feel a sound of African beat. I grew up listening to Tiwa Savage, Davido and Yemi Alade, but my favourite is Tiwa Savage.

“Watching them, I always wanted to do my own and show the world my love and the different styles of afrobeat.”

The Afrobeat star also said that she like to have fun, which she said was very adventurous.

Lebarty told NAN that she was often misunderstood because of her style and how differently she expressed herself.

“But, am not as I am being judged. I am just expressing myself differently and that is one thing I and my dad have in common.

“Today, my dad is a pastor, I am a pastor’s daughter, but am still living my life and doing what I used to do,” she said.