Mistaking artiste for a criminal police arrest King of Madness?

The Lagos State Police Command is investigating an artiste its personnel arrested that identified himself as King of Madness.

The artiste, who was among 1,320 suspects paraded by the state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, on Wednesday, said he was arrested after some policemen stopped the Uber he boarded on his way to a show at Lekki around 10.45pm.

He said, “They told me that I was being taken to meet a DPO. I just saw myself here this morning. I still don’t understand what’s happening.”

He stated that no incriminating material was found on him, adding that the policemen gave him permission to make a video while they frisked him.

“My identity looks like that of a criminal, but I’m an artiste, not a cultist,” Uche said, as he took off his shirt to reveal his body covered in tattoos.

“My mummy used to tell me that there’s a way a book will be too dirty that you won’t be able to touch it let alone identify its content. They are judging me by my appearance,” he added.

The singer wondered why he was arrested alone while the Uber driver was allowed to go.

Some fans of the artiste, who expressed anger at his arrest on Facebook, berated the police for judging him by his appearance.

One Julian Anyanwu said, “They should free him. His name is Uche, aka Suruche. He’s an artist. Right from our secondary school days, he likes acting crazy but isn’t one.”

Another user, Nweoke Mary, wrote, “They should leave the guy. He is Innocent, what did he do. Suruche01 that is his Instagram handle. It is very clear he is not a thief. Na crime to get tattoo. is the guy profession. You don’t expect him to dress like a pastor.this is no excuse. Where is it written that you can’t have tattoos and tie your hair. They should leave this guy’s trying to provide for themselves and go for the main criminal.”

One Owoeye Ademola-Oba claimed that the suspect was well known in the Ikotun area of Lagos.

“He drives a Toyota Solara and drives so crazy around the neighborhood.. Even the police in that axis knows him well. He’s an artiste!” he added.

Another fan, Ekeh Richard, wrote, “I listened to his interview; he communicates well and fluent. His only offense is tattoos but is having tattoos an offense? Nigeria police sef.”Punch