Miss Nigeria: Shehu Sani, Aisha Yesufu, others slam Kano Hisbah over planned invitation of Shatu Garko’s parent Oluwakemi Abimbola

Some Nigerians have slammed the Kano State Hisbah Board over its decision to invite the parents of 18-year-old Shatu Garko, who emerged as the first hijabi Miss Nigeria over the weekend.

The Commandant-General of the board, Harun Ibn Sina, had said that participation in beauty pageants was against Islamic teachings.

He said, “We investigated and confirmed that the girl called Shatu Garko is from Kano State and an indigene of Garko Local Government area of Kano State where Hisbah is also working at.

“Islamically, it is totally forbidden because it goes against the teachings and practices of Islam. Immorality is practiced and it (beauty pageant) encourages the female gender to be immoral.”

Reacting, some Nigerians have said the Hisbah’s intention to invite Garko’s parents for her actions was uncalled for.

Former lawmaker, Sani Shehu tweeted, “Ms Shatu Garko contested Miss Nigeria pageant decently dressed. She has not crossed the line of our cultural standards here in the North. There are the daughters of the rich and the powerful that have done that with impunity. I appeal to the Hisbah religious authorities to let her be.”

Contributing to the matter, activist, Aisha Yesufu said, “So my daughter will participate in beauty pageant and Hisbah will invite me?! Kai! I laugh in unmade D! They will know that day that all of us have bed in psychiatric hospital! Nonsense and rubbish! Nobody has monopoly of violence and foolishness!”(sic).

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Another tweep, FS Yusuf said, “Is this outfit unreligious?? What is Hisbah ambition in Northern Nigeria? Someone gotta put a stop to this oppression! What nonsense!?”

Surayyah Ahmad lamented on the alleged uneven application of the rules, saying, “The laws in Kano state are apparently just made for the poor. The ones whose parents are not excellencies or royal highnesses. If these laws are general we would have seen the Hisbah inviting all the rich parents.”

Meanwhile, journalist, Gimba Kakanda said the invitation was unnecessary as they are pressing issues affecting Muslims.

He tweeted, “I just feel Hisbah enjoy having Muslims, especially northerners, subjected to ridicule. Inviting Shatu Garko’s parents is absolutely unnecessary, no matter their intention. There are critical issues affecting the Muslim society, and none is a teenager partaking in Miss Nigeria.”