Mathematics: Cheapest of all subjects, says Don

A Mathematics scholar, Dr Ohi Uwaheren, has described the subject at the simplest of all subjects in the school curriculum.

Uhaweren, who lectures at the University of Ilorin, said that most pupils and students lacked interests in Mathematics due to the way they were being taught by their teachers.

He spoke while delivering his address titled: “The written and unwritten curriculum for schools in Nigeria”, at the graduation and the launch of the maiden edition of a magazine produced by Brilliant Stars International School, on Monday in Ilorin.

According to him, contrary to beliefs in some quarters that Mathematics is the most dreaded subject in Nigerian schools, the subject is, rather, one of the simplest in our schools.

He said, “Mathematics is not difficult as many look at it.

“If the teachers who teach students Mathematics can change or modify their behaviours and methodology, the story will change for the better.

“We need to make the subject more interesting and not frightening to students.

“When a Mathematics teacher goes into the class as if he were going to fight a war, the students will be frightened immediately and their interests will vanish.”

The don encouraged all teachers to be professional in discharging their responsibilities, especially, in early childhood education.

Uhaweren described pupils as clean slates upon which teachers imprint values.

He said that teachers should know that part of the qualities of a professional teacher includes the ability to come to the students’ level.

“It involves carrying them along and attending to individual differences without fear or favour as well as being their mentor and model,” he said.

The don said that part of the unwritten curriculum was the state of insecurity in the country.

He advised schools to begin to train their students in line with the two forms of curriculum.

Uwaheren also advised teachers on the need to provide security for the pupils and equip them to be safety conscious.

The mathematician advised government at all levels to fix the nation’s education sector, adding that lowering or abandoning quality education could destroy a nation faster than the Atomic Bomb.

He also appealed to the Federal Government to combat insecurity bedevilling the nation’s peace.