Journalists pay tributes to Capt. ‘Hosa Okunbo in four-track album (+ video of “Iro Ma Wiri” track)

As part of their plans to immortalize the late Edo mulit-billionaire businessman, Captain (Dr) Idahosa Wells Okunbo, two top-flight journalists, Comrade Tony Erha and Mr Sufuyan Ojeifo, have waxed and produced a four- track  album in his memory.

Capt. ‘Hosa, as he was fondly called by associates, passed on in a London Hospital on 8th September, 2021, due to pancreatic cancer.

During his eventful life and times, Capt. ‘Hosa, a former commercial pilot, shrewd investor who believed in value addition and inimitable philanthropist, cut a niche for himself.

A global citizen, he etched his name in the hearts of his people in Edo and Nigeria before launching to the global society. 

He was positively disposed to caregiving and nurturing teeming followers, including the youths, teaching them the value of integrity and how to believe in themselves. 

Remarkably, Erha, who is Okunbo’s blood relation and Ojeifo, who was a media consultant to him,  in appreciation of his public-spirited work, produced the musical and video compact discs as marks of honour for his leadership, empathy, large-heartedness, and uncommon philanthropy.

The music and video work, produced to be distributed pro bono to the public, are tagged “Live in Power, Captain Hosa Okunbo”, and done in Benin and English languages.

Its four sub-titles are: “Iro Ma Wiri” (Promises Kept), “Save Our Souls”, “Ukpokpo Agbon” (Earthly Worries) and “Jah Trumpet Calls.”

Chatting about the songs and musicals, Comrade Erha, who composed the songs and played some of the instruments, regarded them as suitable to the tastes and likeness of Capt. Hosa Okunbo, who was also a great lover and patron of the arts. 

The vocal of the musical act and production of the music was immensely supported by Ojeifo.

The music is being given widespread airplay in the Nigeria electronic media and social media around the world. 

During its airplay on the “Reggae Extravaganza,” a popular programme on the Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS Radio), a delighted Senior Kings Ogbebor (SKO), a household name in Disco Jockeying (DJ), said on the programme that he was amazed at the musical act and release, describing  it as a “spiritually and emotionally deep” music that was also well produced. 

The music is already enjoying lavish media airplay.

Tony Erha, an artiste and former entertainment promoter, is a notable journalist and rights activist, who was one of the few youth that performed in the World Festival of Art  (FESTAC 1977) and while a session man, was from 1987-1988, Secretary, Performing Musicians/Employers Association (PMAN), Bendel State Chapter.

Ojeifo is a law graduate apart from being a seasoned journalist and Editor of over three decades, who with Erha, at a certain point before the passing of Capt. Hosa, took charge of his media affairs.

Capt. Hosa was a man of many parts, who was a great promoter of the arts and culture, thus raising many great artistes, like Davido, the Nigerian musical superstar and Lanceworth Imasuen, a famous film maker of the Nollywood genre.