I couldn’t even afford a wig three years ago – Singer Libianca reveals

Libianca, the popular Cameroonian singer, has made a revelation about herself.She revealed that she was so poor three years ago she couldn’t afford a wig and was always borrowing her mother’s wig.She disclosed this in a recent interview with R29Unbothered.The ‘People’ crooner said but now she wears expensive wigs.She said: “If you can see this [wig] burst down on my head right now, I couldn’t afford this sh*t two, three years ago.“Two, three years ago, I was wearing my mama’s wig. I’m happier. I’m actually, like, content with where I am in life.”The singer also advised European and American chefs to leave black people’s food for black chefs to cook, adding that white chefs just put spices on food and call them African dishes.