How redesigned new naira notes will favour Peter Obi in 2023 by Charles Novia

A public commentator, Charles Novia has stated that the plan by the Central Bank of Nigeria to redesign the naira will favour Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party.

He wrote:

Somehow, God is helping Peter Obi as he gradually moves nearer to Aso Rock in 2023.

Many people might not understand what the breaking news today from the Central Bank of Nigeria is all about or the implications for the 2023 elections. Only the discerning will get it.

According to the CBN, over 3 Trillion Naira is unbanked in Nigeria presently. That means many people have been hoarding the naira for the past six years in their homes and holes and water tanks and wherever. The Black Marketeers, the Politicians and the kidnappers…the traders and the drug merchants… name it. All sorts of hoarding of the naira over the years.

What the CBN has done by announcing that new naira notes will come into circulation with new designs by December 15th, will shake the politicians especially. Those dishonest politicians who are planning to rig the 2023 elections with hoardings of naira notes are going to weep, wail and gnash their teeth from today.

From December 15th, it would be too late for them to find billions of naira to execute vote buying under the new naira regime. To get such monies, they would have to go to the banks and the banks would never give huge sums in a fell swoop in two months juxtaposed with the hoarding these criminals have been carrying out in six years.

The CBN has effectively knocked the political class out today and if there was a 60% chance from INEC that the BVAS would eliminate rigging in 2023, the CBN has just added another 20% to it.

The PDP and APC will be mostly affected.

The Man who doesn’t give shishi and wasn’t planning on spending shishi to win his votes will not be affected.

It’s a bigger win for him today than yesterday.

— Charles Novia