Group urges LASG to implement CPEL entertainment industry development template

The Concerned Practitioners of Entertainment in Lagos (CPEL), has called on Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State to implement its entertainment industry development template

Mr Niyi Campbell, Spokesman of the group made the call while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Lagos.

Campbell, a performing artiste, said the group came up with a 10-point entertainment development template, which was received by the Office of the Governor, but none of the template had been implemented.

Besides, Campbell said the group was also worried that the 9-man committee constituted by Sanwo-Olu in June could not be reached on the outcome of the template.

“We are concerned about the growth of the entertainment industry.

“We want Gov. Sanwo-Olu to hasten work on the revitalization of the entertainment industry.

“We came up with a 10-point agenda to be implemented by the 9-man committee, nothing had been heard of the template,” Campbell said.

According to him, the group is made of practitioners in music, visual arts, theatre arts and sports consultants, among others,” he said.

Mr Olu Okekanye, a member of the group, said part of the suggestions made by the group was the establishment of a “Hall of Fame” for Lagos State famous artistes.

Okekanye said that past practitioners deserved to be remembered and honoured to inspire the future generations of artistes and the development of arts.

He said that the Artist Village within the National Theatre Complex should be revived to boost the growth of entertainment in the state.

“Dancers, drummers, singers, fine and graphic artistes, masqueraders, musicians, can be settled here to provide excitement to tourists and new tenants to the state,” he said.