Government Is About To Tax The Aviation Sector To Death – Ben Murray Bruce

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has raised alarm about the Federal government planning to tax the aviation sector to death.

In a Twitter thread shared this morning, the Senator wrote that the aviation sector is about to be taxed further and questioned what the Federal government has done with all the taxes collected from the aviation sector thus far.

He asked if the Federal government plans to kill the aviation sector in Nigeria.

Read his Tweets Below;

”Government is about to tax the aviation sector to death. Nigeria very soon will have its entire economy turn into an informal sector, because the sinking formal sector is being taxed to death.

Government must cease taxing the formal sector to the point where they cannot offer a service. The formal sector is quickly eroding. On Aviation, does the government want to kill the airlines?

After all, all the money they’ve collected from the airlines so far, what has the Government done with it? We say no to it, and Nigerians must stand against this unjust taxation that’s killing this sector of the economy and making air travel possibly unsafe for Nigerians”