Caleb Mutfwang
Caleb Mutfwang

Gov. Mutfwang  Calls for Urgent Resettlement of Displaced Persons In Plateau State 

Plateau State Governor, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, has emphasized the immediate need to resettle displaced persons back to their ancestral homes.

Speaking during a courtesy call with a delegation from the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation, led by Pastor Arinze Emmanuels, Governor Mutfwang emphasized the challenges faced by those living away from their communities, particularly in Mangu, Bokkos, Barkin-Ladi, and other affected areas.

The Governor highlighted the challenges faced by those living away from their communities, especially after the devastating Christmas Eve attacks in the state.

 He stated, “We cannot overlook the profound challenges faced by our displaced brothers and sisters, who yearn to return to their ancestral homes.They feel more fulfilled when they are doing something for themselves.”

He expressed gratitude for the foundation’s assistance during this difficult time. Governor Mutfwang stressed the importance of security, rebuilding homes, and providing economic empowerment to facilitate the return of displaced persons. 

 He praised the foundation for their assistance, noting that their actions align with biblical principles of helping the vulnerable. 

“This is what the scriptures admonish and we see that this is what you are doing in fulfillment of the very word that he preaches, that those who are strong should help those that are weak.”

The giverno acknowledged Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and expressed admiration for the impact of his ministry. He emphasized the need for unity and collaboration in addressing the challenges faced by internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Plateau State.

In response,  Pastor  Emmanuel commended Governor Mutfwang’s commitment to the welfare of IDPs.  He expressed the foundation’s readiness to provide further assistance, emphasizing their focus on education, food, medical support, and other forms of aid in response to crises.

 “We appreciate Governor Mutfwang’s dedication to addressing the needs of displaced persons and we are willing to collaborate with the government to enhance the living conditions and livelihoods of affected communities.”  He said.