Foundation calls for total overhaul of Basic Education sector …awards scholarships to 50 indigent students in Calabar

A Calabar based educational foundation has called on government to prioritise a holistic overhaul of the basic education sector in the country.

The foundation – Teacher Esien Ita Itam Trust Fund made the call at the presentation of cheques to the beneficiaries of the yearly scholarship scheme of the Trust Fund.

At the presentation, the promoter of the Trust Fund, Mr. Ekpeyong Ita, a former director-general of the State Security Service (SSS) said: “what obtains now is deplorable. Our various State governments should, apart from making basic education free, also positively intervene in the quality of teaching and learning.

Furniture should be provided in classrooms, laboratories should be equipped and libraries stocked with current books. Where boarding exists, the hostels should be made habitable”.

Mr Ita who was represented at the occasion by the Chairman of the Trust Fund, Chief Gershom Henshaw, said “more importantly, adequate security should be deployed in schools considering recent happenings  in the country. Fact remains that prevention of some untoward incidents is better than Coroners inquisition that is more of a post mortem.

Learning shouldn’t be a burden on pupils and students but worthwhile pleasant experience”.
Since its launch eight years ago, the Trust Fund has consistently awarded scholarships to about 400 students in Cross River South Senatorial District. On Tuesday at the Hope Waddell Training Institute in Calabar, it offered 50 scholarships to students in 10 secondary schools in the Senatorial District.

Mr Ita said “this is our small way of showing empathy and compassion, and illuminating the dark spots in our society since education itself is light. At launch in 2014, we had hoped to expand the scope and reach of the Trust Fund as quickly as possible.  We have not dumped that initiative though the speed might appear slow but the WILL is still glowing. Very soon and with resources, we will match our plans with action. God is with us. 

“We pledge to do more and better because Teacher Esien Ita, while alive,  strived for excellence and inclusion in education. We can’t afford to do less. The actions of the Trust Fund should certainly reflect the memory of  the person named after” he said.