CJN Muhammad swears in Justice Yusuf Baba as Acting Chief Judge FCT High Court

The Chief Justice of Nigeria Justice Ibrahim Muhammad on Monday swore- in Justice Husseini  Yusuf Baba as the Acting Chief Judge of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) .

The ceremony followed  President Muhammadu Buhari approval of the appointment of Justice Husseini Yusuf Baba  as the Acting Chief Judge of FCT High Court on Saturday.

Justice Hussein Yusuf Baba’s appointment takes effect from August 1, 2021 according to a statement by  the National Judicial Council (NJC).

The Chief of Nigeria Justice Muhammad also administered oath of office and oath of allegiance on five newly appointed Kadis for FCT Sharia Court of Appeal including Deputy Chief Legal Officer, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Mohammed Sadisu Abubakar.

Kadi, Mohammed Sadisu Abubakar.

Others Kadis are Salisu Garba, Bashiru  Dan  Maisule,    Lawal Sule Abdullahi and  Abdullahi Adam  Abdullahi Al-Ilory.

CJN warned the Acting Chief Judge and Kadis that they  should not, in anyway take the oath  for granted or simply tagged as one of those usual ceremonies merely undertaken to comply with established procedures and obligations  but as a pledge they have just made to the Almighty God. 

“The entire letters and words of the oath you have taken must reside in a prime place of your heart and be generously applied in the daily management of both human and material resources of the Federal Capital Territory Judiciary. 

“This is a bond that you have already engraved in your heart and you must be guided by it while adjudicating in all matters that come before you as well as responding to issues concerning your fellow judges/Kadis and staff, all through your tenure as the head of FCT Judiciary and Kadis of the FCT Sharia Court of Appeal. 

The CJN also said that they “must endeavour to be impartial, fair to all, and apply justice and equity in all your undertakings.”

He reminded the appointees that “the times that we are in, are quite perilous, so we need a judicial Officer like my lord, Justice Hussein Baba who is calculative, objective, dispassionate, humble and peopIe-centric to be at the helm of affairs of the FCT Judiciary.”

The CJN said that the appointment of Justice Hussein Baba  at this time of our national history to head the FCT Judiciary and also serve as Kadis of the Sharia Court of Appeal are not by accident but by divine ordination. 

“You are expected to conduct your affairs within the ambit of the law and the oath that has just been administered on you,” he enjoined.

He also urged Justice Baba and the Kadis  to count themselves  worthy and fortunate as well to be so entrusted with these huge responsibilities of presiding over the affairs of the FCT Judiciary and also serving as Kadis in Sharia Court of Appeal, respectively. 

“You must not allow the weight of your responsibilities to weigh you down. Your opulent experiences that have spanned several years should easily be deployed to counter any untoward situation in the course of your stewardship. 

” You must resolutely rise and operate above every primordial sentiment that might blight your tenures. 

” I have personally known the new acting Chief JUdge for a very long time as a visionary judicial officer; and I wouldn’t like the contrary to begin to steer us in the face by virtue of this new status.

” There is no doubt that you all will definitely be tempted and even intimidated in different ways and guises but you should always remain firm and unshaken because good conscience fears no threat.”