CBN’s Naira swap policy is satanic – APC PCC Director

The Director of Media and Communication for the Tinubu-Shettima Presidential Campaign Council, Bayo Onanuga has frowned at the implementation of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s naira cash policy. According to him, the policy is satanic. Onanuga said this during an interview with Punch. He said: “The problem is not with the APC candidate. It is all about the Nigerian people. We are more concerned about the pain and anguish our people are being made to suffer. The currency swap is a CBN policy, and we are happy that the president has also intervened. Apparently, he was not given the full details about the change and its implications. This is not the first time in the world that a currency is being changed. Why is it different in our country? What this has so far revealed is that we have an incompetent CBN governor. In fact, in a normal country, the man ought to have been sacked for making our people pass through such a harrowing experience. People are being made to pay excessive charges to Point of Sale operators. That’s why I said it was all about the Nigerian people. How can somebody sit somewhere and conceive a programme that, rather than bringing people relief, is bringing them pain? It is a satanic policy. He said it would bring down inflation and strengthen the Naira. Has it done that? Dollars were about N720 some weeks ago; it is now N750. This CBN governor, in my view, should have been sacked. This is the first time in history that we have had this gap between the official and parallel rates. What the CBN governor is doing—we don’t know whose agenda he is implementing—is totally against the Nigerian people. As we are talking, Britain is also changing currencies. They are phasing out the queen from the currency and replacing it with that of the king. It is not causing the people any difficulty. It is being done seamlessly.”