Dr Boniface Aniebonam

Calling your leaders names won’t change situation, NNPP tells Nigerians

The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) says Nigerians cannot surmount their challenges  by calling their leaders all sorts of names.

Dr Boniface Aniebonam, Founder, NNPP, who made this remark in a statement on Tuesday in Lagos, advised Nigerians to do the needful by using their voter cards to install the kind of leadership they yearned for in 2023.

Aniebonam said  the National Working Committee and other leaders of NNPP shared in the challenges  of Nigerians, saying “all shall be well once again in Nigeria”.

“We dare say to every Nigerian that there is hope in our effort to restart Nigeria from the beginning once again.

“Indeed power is not given but taken and in that regard,  democracy is about full participation using the voter’s card to change government.

“Therefore our liberation struggle is tagged with a simple formula, the use of Vote’rs card.

“We cannot achieve this noble objective if we seat down in the comfort of our zones and procrastinate and call our leaders all sorts of names,” he said.

Aniebonam said that the part was not cutout for the concept of blame games but rather to focus how to usher in the  Nigeria of our dreams.

According to him, to achieve the objective, the party is asking for responsible partnership in its effort to win elective positions to enable NNPP change the narrative to a more purposeful nationhood.

He said: “It is all about hardwork, commitment and participation of the greater numbers of the Nigerian people.

“Going forward, we must make up our minds and resist any attempt to bribe any of us against our wish.

“We shall at this point promise every Nigerian that one thing is certain,  the willingness of our great party to bring together, regions of Nigeria to seat down and discuss and agree on how we shall continue to  live together as brothers and sisters.

“Therefore,  the various agitations in Nigeria should keep hope alive that Nigerians shall in due course, continue to  live together as brothers and sisters of one nation.”

He said that laziness, lack of knowledge and education were part of the reasons for some of the agitation in the country.

He said that if NNPP won the presidential election, the party would implement all the agreed terms at independence.

According to him, the party will ensure state police, fiscal federalism and provide Nigeria with a peoples constitution.

“The various regional agitations shall be addressed if fiscal federalism is not resolving such matters.

“We,  the members of the new Nigeria peoples party shall liberate every Nigerian to enable us live in peace as brothers and sisters. Yes, we shall do that in God’s name.

“Nigeria needs a strong and courageous leader with the  fear of God,” he said.

Aniebonam urged Nigerians including public minded members of the major political parties, to freely join the party in its drive to usher in a Nigeria of their dreams.

He added: “We should not expect God to come down to do the needful for us, it is about us to take responsibility. It is our hope that election 2023 shall be issue based than name calling and blackmailing of each other.

“The young Nigerians are eager to take Nigeria to the next level and may God help us.”