Bimbo and IVD’s old neighbor in South Africa recount how they always fought and made up before relocating to Nigeria

Bimbo Ogbonna, the wife of popular Nigerian businessman, Ikechukwu Ogbonna popularly known as IVD, died recently and the incident has caused a stir on social media.

Following the demise of Bimbo Ogbonna after years of alleged domestic violence at the hands of her husband, IVD, the couple’s old neighbor has taken to Facebook to share her experience from living with them in South Africa.

Facebook user, Francess Olisa Ogbonnaya described Bimbo’s story as a “very complicated and near foolish one”. 

According to Francess, Bimbo and IVD got married around 2009 when she (Bimbo) was 18/19, while IVD was in his early twenties.

She claimed that their marriage was more of a “Bonny and Clyde thing”, as they loved themselves so intensely and also fought fiercely.

Francess recalled that most of them who lived in the South African neighborhood relocated to different countries in 2014, including IVD and Bimbo. The couple’s relocation however came after IVD became rich.

The Facebook user revealed that she was told that the money didn’t reduce their fighting and crisis, but rather it worsened it.

She also recounted how Bimbo would always accuse IVD of engaging in fraud and fetish practices during their fights, and also remind him that she gave up everything for him.

Francess wrote; “The story of Bimbo Ogbonna Pipes Gal is a Very complicated and near “Foolish” one !

Bimbo married to a popular “Business Man” IVD had reportedly set herself ablaze with her 5 Children and husband in the same house!

“I rarely took interest in the trending story until Someone called my attention reminding me that Bimbo and IVD had lived in the same hood with us back then in SA alongside Olori herself over a decade ago!! I remember we would call them “Pipes”.

“Bimbo and Pipes , now called IVD had married around 2009 as teenage lovers, with Bimbo around 18/19, IVD Ogbonna was in his earliest twenties. While we were in SA, it was more of a Bonny and Clyde thing, the loved themselves so intensely and they fought so fiercely!

“Their Crisis would be legendary and the next thing they cuddled up! I had thought na Ogbanje na enye fa nsogbu! Until 2014 or thereabouts , most of us in that hood relocated to different countries including themselves who relocated back to Nigeria to become big shots after IVD had “hit” some money!

“Reports had it that the money couldn’t reduce their fighting and Crisis, rather it worsened it! Bimbo would run away from home today, denouncing the marriage , tomorrow they are up and kissing in new photos!

“For Neighbours in their now Rich Lekki Neighbourhood it was a normal thing! I read reports of them abusing drugs together and doing some dirty “I got your back” stuffs!!

Not until two days ago, when they both had a Big one, and bimbo who had repeatedly through her Instagram story announced that she needed Mental help , set the whole house on fire including herself!

“The Kids were reportedly thrown into their swimming pool to avoid being burnt while IVD Ogbonna bolted away on their way as they were taking the wife of his Youth to the hospital.

“She was according to reports rejected by 10 hospitals and admitted by the 11th one where she gave up the ghost. During their incessant Fights, she would accuse the husband of being a Fraudster and Fetishism!

“She also reminds him of how she gave up everything for him! Rest in Peace Mrs Pypes !”