Armenia-Azerbaijan fighting flares again after deadly exchanges

New clashes has erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia on Wednesday as international peace efforts intensified a day after nearly 100 soldiers were killed in the worst fighting between the ex-Soviet republics since 2020.

According to report Armenian defence ministry accused Azerbaijan, which is backed politically and militarily by Turkey, of firing artillery and small arms in a fresh attack.

Azerbaijan has also accused Armenia, which is in a military alliance with Moscow and home to a Russian military base, of firing mortars and artillery at its army units. It said two civilians had been injured since the clashes erupted.

At least 49 Armenian and 50 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed on Tuesday along their common border, prompting an appeal for calm from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both sides blamed each other for the fighting.

The clashes have raised fears of another major armed conflict in the former Soviet Union while Russia’s military is focused on the invasion of Ukraine.