Arm yourselves and defend yourselves, land , Says Danjuma

Former Nigerian Defence minister, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, rtd, on Saturday restated call on Jukuns of Taraba state and by extension Nigerians to arm themselves and defend their territory against invading terrorists who want to seize their land.

Danjuma made the fresh call in Wukari at the official installation and presentation of staff of office to new Aku-Uka of Wukari , His Majesty Ishaku Ali by the state governor Darius Dickson Ishaku.

Danjuma recalled that when some years ago, he made the call “on Jokuns to arm and protect themselves because the Armed Forces is either not able or unwilling to protect us, the Ministry of Defence was the first to issue denial and says I am lying.They set up a Kangaroo board of enquiry to investigate whether what I said was true or not. They invited me to testify and I didn’t go .”

“They wrote a report which says I was only speculating and there was no evidence. Now, there is evidence the whole country is being over ran and one very clear thing that is happening is that these foreign invaders are not Muslims, a lot of casualties inflicted are on Muslims as they destroyed both mosques and churches”.

He said the terrorists were allowed into the country by the federal government and added that “As a trained soldier he was taught that the best defence is an attack. Right now we are all sitting as duck and the invaders are armed to the teeth with weapon of mass destruction and we don’t have any. But we have the number and the land belong to us.”

Danjuma warned that the attackers are “trying to recolonize us and take over our land and would you not defend yourselves? and the crowd responded we will defend ourselves.

He turned to Aku – Uka , and asked the majesty you heard what they said, and you must unite our people.

Danjuma said he got a lot of attacks from his people who said “I asked them to defend themselves without giving them arms. I will not give you arms but find out how these invaders acquired their arms and use same means to acquire your own to defend yourself .

He lamented that Nigeria the biggest blackman country in the World is being thrown into ruin by the criminals with the collaboration of some people among us.

He prayed that God Almighty will give us courage to fish out the enemies and chase them out of the country.