Actress, Peju Johnson Reveals The Kind Of Men She Cannot Date

some quarters, Johnson is of the opinion that polygamy does not stop cheating.

Peju Johnson

Peju Johnson, a Nigerian actress has, has talked about the kind of men she cannot date.

The actress said she cannot stay in a relationship with a cheat, manipulator or a partner who stops caring about her.

Responding to a question on what can make her quit a relationship, she told Saturday Beats, “I can leave a relationship if my partner stops treating me like he used to do when we first met. I can also leave when he starts cheating with different girls, stops caring about me emotionally, physically and mentally. Also, if he starts manipulating me, telling lies and talks to me anyhow, that can make me leave him.”

Contrary to what has been said in some quarters, Johnson is of the opinion that polygamy does not stop cheating.

She said, “I am not sure polygamy can stop cheating because there are lots of men, who even after taking a second wife, still keep girlfriends. Infidelity is in the blood of such men.”

Reacting to men who say they cannot marry actresses because of their controversial nature, Johnson said, “It is a choice. There are many actors who are doing very well in their marriages. Because it does not work out for a few people does not mean it will not work out for others. The same way we have controversial actresses is the same way we have decent actresses. Because some are controversial does not mean that everyone in the industry is like that.”

Explaining why she has not been frequent in movies in recent times, the actress said, “Actually, I was busy with the National Youth Service Corps scheme in Abuja. That took a lot of my time. But, I finished this month and I am back to work.

“My new movie, ‘Pelumi Jonathan’, has had a great reception so far and I did not expect it to go that way because this particular movie was rejected by a couple of people which made me feel I did not do it well. So, I just had to release it (the movie) like that. However, the kind of views and comments the movies has garnered is a shock to me. It currently has almost 900,000 views on YouTube.”