2023: Many People Supporting Peter Obi Don’t Want To Be Paid, They Volunteered – Yusuf

F.S Yusuf has revealed that many Nigerian youths supporting Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi are volunteers who do not want to be paid.

Yusuf is a member of North Central Coordinators for Peter Obi presidential Campaign.

He said the feeling that the Labour Party, being championed by the Obedients, has no structure and massive funding to win the 2023 general elections, is false and baseless.

He stated this while fielding questions on the Arise TV morning show program.

Yusuf said the Labour Party and the ‘Obedients’ will rely on volunteers in carrying out their activities and operations running up to 2023 general elections, for the success of its presidential candidate.

Responding to questions on the capability of Labour Party to finance the cost of partaking in the elections, Yusuf defused the fear that Labour Party may not be able to run the cost of the elections.

He, however, said the importance and instrumentality of money in politics and elections can never be underestimated.

“Money is very important to win election. This amount of money these people are even talking about, let us not forget, part of it goes to vote buying, getting people that will mount polling units to ensure people’s votes are counted, down till the end of the Election Day.

“But right now, we are having volunteers. Like myself, I am a volunteer; I am volunteering for a course that will give me a better life. I don’t need to be paid for it. Because if I am paid to do a particular task for an amount of money, that will not save me from another eight years.

“So, young people will be volunteering. They will be taking ownership of this project. Definitely, money will play a role. People will contribute money, bring resources, and bring their skills to bear,” he said.

On the accusation about some Obedients not being tolerable of opposing views, he said they were rather on the defensive side.

“You don’t beat a child and when he cries, you complain that he is crying loud. Just like I said, ‘Obedients are on the defensive side. Obedients have been reactive to issues about lack of structure, Obi-tuary tag and other unsavoury labeling.

“Because Peter Obi is peaceful and diplomatic always does not mean he has hundred percent control of emotions of people supporting him”, he said.

Yusuf further said the structure is nothing but a dysfunctional system, which allows imposition of individuals as leaders.

According to him, “You won’t sit down and someone will bring in a leader that will serve you. You know that person will bring in a leader that serves his purpose.

“You know before now, there is usually this pyramid that most politicians usually say – ‘I will deliver my polling unit, state or LG’. When you analyze that, it is obvious that these people assume that they can decide on how people can come out and vote on election day.

“But right now, I don’t think it is feasible any more. I don’t think any governor or councilor or even LG chairman will have that so confidence and say I will deliver my unit. I am not expecting that these people that have faced misgovernance for seven years plus, and waiting for a system that can be better for them, will just sit down and assume my governor or chairman will say ‘vote for this person’, because they have seen what misgovernance can do.

“It leaves no one behind; it goes for everyone.”

He also revealed that physical meetings were ongoing in various units, regions, and States in preparation for the 2023 general elections.